If you are planning a women’s event for your church or organization, I would love to partner with you in bringing God’s word to those in attendance.

My goals every time I teach are:

  • To encourage and exhort women to continue to live in Christ (Colossians 2:6)

  • To offer practical application of Scripture that women can start using right now

  • To honestly, but gently address struggles and weaknesses common to women

  • To speak the truth of God’s word unapologetically, yet winsomely

Be assured that I always teach with my audience in mind.  I want women of every age and stage to engage in learning from the Word.  I enjoy creating unique talks that address the spiritual needs and personal interests of your audience, but you can also choose from topics that I have recently taught.  (See descriptions, below.)

If you would like to read some testimonials about my teaching, click here.   If you would like to talk with me about what I may be able to bring to your event, please use the contact form at the right.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Recent talks:

Hand-Made in Heaven: (approximately 30 minutes)
A study of Psalm 139 and supporting scriptures, this study uses display objects, analogy, and personal anecdotes to demonstrate the truths of scripture. This is an uplifting message to inspire and encourage your audience. Great for youth as well as adults, this message can be delivered in discussion format or as a formal talk.

Your audience will:

  • gain a clear vision of the value God places on them
  • begin (or renew) a focus on others as God’s valuable creation
  • see, from the example of Jesus himself, what response these truths should elicit from us

What No One Ever Tells You About Fruit: (30-45 minutes)  This talk, which is a deeper investigation of Scripture, brings new understanding to the topic of Spiritual fruit. Including visual aids and personal anecdotes, this talk offers a fresh look at scripture and practical insight that will inspire your women to practice more fruitful living – right now! It is adaptable to a study format with fill-in notes.

Your audience will:

  • expand their understanding of spiritual fruit by considering several relevant scriptures
  • learn what often prevents people from displaying spiritual fruit, and how to overcome it
  • leave feeling challenged and empowered to live fruitfully